Scaffolding products in India

The material that is required to erect and dismantle the structure is called the scaffolding. Scaffolding products are Available in Three Categories:

  • Vanized Scaffolding
  • Dip Paint Scaffolding
  • Powder Coated scaffolding

Following are the products that required for the scaffolding at the time of construction is available

1. Cuplock ledgers/ Horizontals

2.  Cuplock verticals/ standards

3. Scaffolding clamps

4. Scaffolding ladder

5. Scaffolding pipes

6. Walkway planks

7. Spigot pin

8. Adjustable U-Jacks/ Stir-up Heads

9. MS Challis/ Jali/ Platforms

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Scaffolding products in Mumbai | Scaffolding products in Kolkata | Scaffolding products in Gujarat | Scaffolding products  Bangalore | Scaffolding products in Lucknow | Scaffolding products in Gurgaon | Scaffolding products in Nellore


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