Importance of Toe board

Toe Board  in quality construction finish and can be made available in different surface finish choices like hot dip galvanized, zinc plated, painting, and other customized options The safety of scaffolding is extremely important doesn’t start and end once the scaffolding is set up. The safety of any scaffold needs erecting, checking, management and maintenance from the ground level to the upper level.

Handrails and toe boards are important scaffolding parts necessary for all kinds of system scaffolding and roof edge protection as well as conventional tube and fitting scaffolding. We at Winntus are able to meet the growing demands of construction sector with our quality range of scaffolding products. The toeboard is easy to install with nuts and bolts. Installation is done without the need of hot work permits. The toe boards can protect any size opening, the more units to larger the opening.

At any time the units can be increased. The boards are 4 x times faster to install over conventional steel toe bards without hot work permit.

Scaffold design must integrate handrails on at least three sides for the cause of ensuring scaffolding safety.

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