How Winntus has shaped the Scaffolding Industry in India !

Headquartered in Gurgaon, Winntus have a continuous quest for World class Quality in Scaffolding, shuttering and Industry Accessories required for the construction of buildings,Dam, Bridges & Highway .Winntus fosters a culture of care, trust and Kaizen while meeting expectation of employees, Stakeholders and society.With their ever expanding clientele across India , Winntus has now operating in the cities like Hyderabad , Lucknow,  Warangal,  Vishakhapatnam, Gujrat, Tirupati, Nellore, Kurnool, Eluru, Rajanukunte, Kakinada, and Kolkata.

Living up to its values, being backbone of infrastructure development, Winntus is transforming villages into cities, connecting India (our products used for building bridges, affordable housing etc). They are even reshaping cities, helping in building Auditorium, state of the art buildings.

Winntus have worked with the renowned Government Agencies like “Grahmin Yojna” & “Awaas Yojna”.

Do you want to contact Winntus for Scaffolding or Shuttering services ?

Call : 1800 2000 900


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