What is Shuttering ?

Shuttering is a temporary structure made from planks.Formwork is the term given to either temporary or permanent molds into which concrete or similar materials are poured. In the context of concrete construction, the falsework supports the shuttering moulds. Shuttering or form work is the term used for temporary timber, plywood, metal or other material used to provide support to wet concrete mix till it gets strength for self support. It provides supports to horizontal, vertical and inclined surfaces or also provides support to cast concrete according to required shape and size. The form work also produces desired finish concrete surface.

Shuttering or form work should be strong enough to support the weight of wet concrete mix and the pressure for placing and compacting concrete inside or on the top of form shuttering. It should be strong enough to prevent any divergence in surface after laying cement concrete and be also sufficient tight to prevent loss of water and mortar form cement concrete. Shuttering should be  easy in handling, erection at site and easy to remove when cement concrete is sufficient hard.

Following tools are required for Shuttering

  • Acrow props
  • Indian Standard Medium Channel (ISMC)
  • Wall Form Panel
  • Column formwork

Winntus is, also, specialized in shuttering products. All the products come with a promise and a trust that lasts longer than the project itself.


Plot No. 8, Street No. 8, Kadipur Industrial Area, Pataudi Road, Gurgaon-122001, Haryana. (INDIA)
Contact : 91 0124 6526337
Email-Id : sales@winntus.com

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